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Custom Foil Printing

Discover the brilliance of foil printing at Wytex & Co. Wholesale, designed to set your garments apart with a captivating shine.

Shine Bright

Elevate your shirt collection by adding the allure of foil print. Prepare to capture attention and stand out effortlessly in any crowd.

Process and Elegance

Foil screen printing involves a meticulous process. Your design is first delicately screen printed on our screen printing press equipment with a specialized garment adhesive. The next step involves our heat press that then melds the foil to the adhesive, using a blend of heat and pressure to secure the foil’s radiant luster. The meticulous process ensures the foil’s integrity, while excess is thoughtfully removed. The outcome? A visual marvel guaranteed to turn heads and inspire smiles.

At Wytex & Co. Wholesale, we’re committed to enhancing your apparel with sophisticated embellishments. Elevate your designs with foil printing, and radiate a captivating charm that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.


Elevate your designs with the captivating radiance of foil printing from Wytex & Co. Wholesale. Unleash the brilliance that’s bound to turn heads.

Extended Turnaround Time

Experience the magic of foil printing with a +3-day turnaround, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

A Spectrum of Shades

Select from our standard range of enticing colors: gold, silver, black, red, blue, copper, and green. For a touch of uniqueness, inquire about custom hues like rainbow, swirl, or other patterns, available at an additional cost.

Choice in Finish

Beyond the classic shiny effect, we offer a sophisticated matte finish too. Simply communicate your preference to your dedicated account executive.

Design Considerations

Foil printing shines best in bold, expansive designs. We recommend its use for high-impact creations. However, finer design elements may not translate as effectively.

Unveiling the Process

Foil elegantly complements our plastisol-based inks. Feel free to integrate foil embellishments into your design to accentuate specific areas.

Execution and Precision

Foil arrives in rolls, akin to grocery store aluminum foil. These rolls are meticulously cut into squares, tailored to your design. It’s important to note that we don’t offer “all-over” foil screen printing.

Guidelines for Longevity

While properly-applied foil endures, its shimmer can fade with washes. To maximize durability, we recommend incorporating a distressed pattern in your design. This ensures your foil-printed shirts maintain character even as the design evolves naturally over time. Due to foil’s inherent nature, it’s prudent to balance its usage within your design.

Elevate your creations with the enchantment of foil printing at Wytex & Co. Wholesale. Embrace the brilliance that lingers, and let your designs shimmer with timeless allure.


Quantity Add-on Price
24-71 $4.50ea
72-199 $2.50ea
200-999 $2.00ea
1000+ $1.75ea

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