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Tone on Tone Printing Style

Discover the artistry of Tone on Tone printing, a refined technique that lends a vintage touch to your shirt designs.

Elevated Elegance

Evoke a sense of nostalgia with tonal printing, a sophisticated approach that infuses a vintage aesthetic into your shirts.

Innovative Technique

Tone on Tone printing, a term we proudly pioneered, harnesses advanced water-based ink technology. Achieving a hue slightly lighter (Tone on Tone Light) or darker (Tone on Tone Dark) than the garment’s color, it yields a nuanced and understated print.

Subtle Sophistication

Experience the allure of subtle printing that resonates with those seeking an artfully aged charm. Whether you opt for Tone on Tone light or Tone on Tone dark, your design will possess an extraordinary, time-honored quality.

At Wytex & Co. Wholesale, we’re committed to crafting your vision with finesse. Elevate your shirt designs with tonal printing, merging modern innovation with timeless elegance.


Dive into the realm of Tone on Tone printing, a technique that weaves vintage charm into your shirt designs.

Tone on Tone Light: A Subtle Glow

Tone on Tone Light creates prints slightly lighter in hue than the shirt color, adding a gentle radiance to your designs.

Tone on Tone Dark: Enigmatic Depth

Immerse your designs in Tone on Tone Dark, which yields prints a shade or two darker than the shirt color, exuding an alluring depth.

Selective Color Harmony

Tone on Tone Dark is especially enchanting on dark-colored shirts. For a Tone on Tone Dark effect on lighter shirts, choose from our free stock colors or opt for a Pantone match at an additional cost.

Preferred Fabric Unveiled

While Tone on Tone printing flourishes on various fabric types, we find blends to be particularly captivating. Tone on Tone ink paired with the textured allure of blends, be it 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, or tri-blends, produces a vintage, washed aesthetic that transcends shirts and colors.

Discover the captivating interplay of Tone on Tone printing with Wytex & Co. Wholesale. Elevate your designs with a touch of vintage elegance that speaks volumes.


Quantity Add-on Price
24-71 Free
72-199 Free
200-999 Free
1000+ Free

No additional charge unless there is a Pantone match ($30/per color).

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