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Folding & Polybagging

Elevate your brand with Wytex & Co. Wholesale while ensuring your garments stay pristine, whether in storage or en route.

Enhance your customers’ delight as they unveil their neatly folded and impeccably wrapped shirts. Present your apparel with finesse by opting for either a bespoke packaging solution or a sleek polymailer from Wytex & Co. Wholesale. This touch of elegance and sophistication demonstrates your commitment to professionalism, making your merchandise genuinely poised for the retail spotlight.

Whether you’re engaged in online direct sales to customers or distributing shirts at trade shows and conferences, the advantages of folding and polybagging from Wytex & Co. Wholesale are abundantly clear.


We’re here to refine your packaging process at Wytex & Co. Wholesale, adding that extra touch of efficiency and care.

Streamlined Turnaround

Experience a seamless transition with our expedited +3 day turnaround time.

Optimal Bag Dimensions

Our standard bag dimensions, approximately 10″ wide x 12″ tall with a thickness of 1 mil, ensure a secure fit. For hoodies, we offer slightly larger bags, typically 10″ wide x 15″ tall.

Sleek Bag Aesthetics

Elegance meets practicality with our clear bag option, the exclusive choice that complements your merchandise perfectly.

Convenient Size Identification

Size stickers, thoughtfully placed on the exterior of the bag, come as a standard feature. However, customization is at your fingertips – choose to exclude them if desired.

At Wytex & Co. Wholesale, we’re dedicated to elevating your packaging game. Let us enhance your presentation and protection, ensuring that your products make an unforgettable impression from the first glance.


Quantity Fold Fold, Polybagging, Size Sticker
24-71 $1.25ea $2.00ea
72-199 $1.00ea $1.50ea
200-999 $0.75ea $1.00ea
1000+ $0.50ea $0.85ea

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