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Puff Printing Style

Captivate with texture through our dynamic puff printing services, adding a tactile dimension to your designs.

Elevate with Texture

While visually intriguing, puff printing truly shines through its tactile quality. Elevate your designs with a three-dimensional touch that engages both sight and touch.

How it Works

Single Artwork Color Only.

Puff printing involves a specialized technique where the ink expands upon heating, resulting in a raised texture. This unique effect adds depth and character to your designs, creating an unforgettable visual and tactile experience.

Versatile Design Impact

Whether it’s bold lettering, intricate patterns, or distinctive logos, puff printing transforms your designs into captivating, touchable works of art.

Customizable Appeal

Explore the creative freedom of puff printing with Wytex & Co. Wholesale. Our range of ink colors allows you to tailor your design to perfection.

Elevate your designs beyond the visual realm with puff printing from Wytex & Co. Wholesale. Let your creations come to life with a dynamic texture that adds depth and fascination to every piece.


Immerse your designs in dynamic texture through our innovative puff printing services, adding a tangible dimension that resonates with both sight and touch.

Enduring Impact

While the tactile allure of puff printing is immediate, its impact endures over time. Elevate your designs with an irresistible raised texture that captivates even after countless washes.

Texture with Resilience

Puff printing involves ink that expands under heat, creating an embossed effect. The result is a design that boasts not only visual depth but also resilience through multiple wears and washes.

A Touchable Aesthetic

From intricate details to bold elements, puff printing infuses every design with a unique touchable quality that engages the senses.

Soft and Lasting

With Wytex & Co. Wholesale’s puff printing, the tactile texture persists while the ink softens over time. As your shirts embark on their washing journey, they retain a comfort akin to our standard discharge ink.

Elevate your designs with the captivating texture of puff printing from Wytex & Co. Wholesale. Add a tactile dimension that endures, ensuring your creations captivate both visually and tangibly.


Quantity Add-on Price
24+ $1.00ea

Single Artwork Color Only.

No additional charge unless there is a Pantone match ($30/per color).

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